Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Frozen Birthday Cake

So recently, I shared my first cake attempt when I made the Spider-Man Batman Cake.  With my little sisters birthday fast approaching after that, I had to get out of the mind set of action figures and superheroes and start thinking about princesses and Disney.  With the recent movie hit FROZEN, I pretty much knew my theme.  She loved the movie, went to the theater multiple times, got the sound track and is pretty much in love with the movie.  (And I have to admit I'm a fan of the movie as well.)  So Frozen themed it was, and then she decided she wanted a castle cake.  And then she wanted snowflakes.  And strawberries.  And just vanilla cake.  And her characters on the cake, had to be her characters.  And snow all over.  And could I make a staircase just like the one in the movie (that was a definite no, I knew better to even attempt that).  And....
Did I mention she was turning 7?  And that this particular little soon to be 7 year old is extremely hard to say no too, especially when she tells me that she just knows however I make it,  "that it's going to be beautiful".  How do you say no to that??? Huh?  You don't, you just figure it out, cross your figures and hope that your second cake attempt isn't a complete disaster and make said birthday girl happy.
So here it is. Enjoy :)

I bought this Castle Cake Set at Hobby Lobby, I know I have seen all over the internet where you can make your own towers.  But when I saw this, and then armed with my 40% off coupon I just couldn't past it up.  I did a rough set up here just so I could get a little bit of an idea how I wanted to the whole thing up.
The very first thing I did for the cake was start making "shingles" for my tower roofs using this circle cutter.

Three of the tower tops after I had covered them in the fondant shingles I made so it gave the roofs a little bit more of a realistic look.

End result after covering in fondant shingles.

New "buttercream" recipe I tried out for this cake, there's no butter in this one, so I used shortening and butter flavorings so that I could be sure my icing would be white instead of the yellowish tint typical buttercream can be. 

I filled the middle of the cakes with an outer border of the buttercream and filled with strawberry preserves before I topped it and then iced the whole layer (2 cakes per layer or tier).

I refused to buy another packet of dye just so I could have the premade teal color from Wilton, so since I already had royal blue and green I added a little of both of those to my white fondant to get the color I was looking for.

Finally got the fondant to the teal color I was looking for.

Door and windows (four windows missing from picture) once fondant trim had been added.

Top cake, after being iced and having the fondant snowflakes added (medium and small).  I got the snowflake cut outs from a Winter and Holiday Cake Kit made by Buddy Valastro (CAKE BOSS) that I found on clearance a couple months ago.

Bottom cake after it had been iced and the fondant snowflakes (large and medium) had been added on.

The finished cake, didn't get a chance to get a picture without anything behind it.  But you pretty much get the idea of what the cake looks like.  I put icing on my shingled roofs and then sprinkled them with clear sprinkles and this glittery stuff I found.  Truth be told there is a lot more that I would have added to the cake if I had had more time, but I think the best part was that the birthday girl loved it!